About International Film Festival The Hague

International Film Festival The Hague is an IMDB qualifying event which takes place in the prestigious Filmhuis in the Hague, The Netherlands. The event has live screening of international films which are selected from hundreds of submissions received from international filmmakers from all over the world. Our theme is “People’s Choice”. This means that in addition to professional curators, we also have common people in the panel of judges whose opinion is counted before deciding official selection of films. This event takes place live every year in the second week of November. During 2020, because of COVID19, we will conduct the festival in hybrid mode: this means we will have live screening for those who can physically attend the event and simultaneously and online event for those who can’t travel to participate.

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Film Distribution Opportunities

Filmmakers participating in our festivals get an opportunity to distribute their films in more than 100 channels including Amazon Prime worldwide via our partner online distribution company. Please click the following link to sign up and upload your film. You also get a special deal.

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